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Comotion 2017
CoMotion is a student sponsored and organized event that brings together top industry professionals with Motion Media Design Students at the Savannah College of Art & Design. The event includes the Annual Student Showcase, panel discussions, lectures, and portfolio reviews. The goal of the event is to connect students with potential employers and prepare students for their career by offering diverse insight into the industry.
At its core, it is the creative and collaborative nature of CoMotion that makes it both enjoyable and successful. It was important to us that this seamless meshing of various creative traits and techniques was something we needed to highlight as the core message of the CoMotion 2017 branding; ultimately the theme of creative collaboration.


Creative Director - Joash Berkeley
Lead Animator - Leah Evans
Producer - Matt Van Rys
Designers / Animators:
Diego Abad
Kayla Beehler
Joash Berkeley
Gretel Cummings
Chrissy Eckman
Leah Evans
Veró Gómez
Becka Riccio
Bridget Roden
Yukari Schrickel
Natalia Serrano
Joel Thomas
Amy Wallace
Sound Editors:
Ian Chase
Eric Stapleton
Mathew Conzelmann